AppStore validation error on app icons (-19007)

Since upgrading to OS X 10.7.3 you see this Xcode build warning?

Icon specified in the Info.plist not found under the top level app wrapper: Icon-72.png (-19007)
iPad: Icon.png: icon dimensions (57 x 57) don't meet the size requirements. The icon file must be 72x72 pixels, in .png format (-19014)

This is going to turn into an validation error as soon as you try to upload a new build to the AppStoreā„¢.

Here’s the fix:

Install a new version of the Application Loader. The download link is hard to find (hard to google), so here’s one for version 2.5.1 (most current when writing this article).

The most current version can be found under “Manage your applications” in iTunesConnect.