Finder Toolbar Items

Did you know that you can add applications to your Finder toolbar? This comes in as a very handy shortcut because you can add context aware action scripts that do common stuff for you. Today I’m sharing 3 of them that help me through my days. :)

  • OpenInGitX  – This opens GitX with the currently opened folder. (Also make sure to check out brotherbard’s experimental GitX fork)
  • OpenInTextMate – As it says, it opens the currently selected files (or if non selected the currently opened folders) in TextMate.
  • OpenTerminalHere – This is the most useful. It opens with the current folder.

You can download them here. It’s a good idea to extract them into your applications folder like so:

To add them to your toolbar simple drag them there. That’s how my toolbar looks:

The scripts/applications are based on this post but have been modified slightly. Let me know if you like’em :)